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As an aperitif, as an interlude between fish and meat, coffee, as an ingredient for cocktails, sipped at the end of a meal or at any time of the day, is a source of real pleasure.

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Raw Material : 100% Chardonnay grape marc ; selected , fresh, healthy , de-stemmed , still dripping with soft pressing of wine.
Production Area : Valley of the Lakes and the Piana Rotaliana.
Fermentation: at controlled temperature with selected yeasts , taking into account the pH and acidity , closely following the thermal regime and avoiding contact with air.

Distillation: takes place in special and exclusive discontinuous copper stills , with the cutting of heads and tails and carried out very slowly , to allow the volatile components responsible for the flavors and aromas , a proper evaporation and subsequent condensation .
Aging: Minimum six months in stainless steel tanks sterile .
Colour: Brilliant , crystal clear, transparent and clear.
Aroma: Pleasant, pronounced , distinctive, delicately fruity , pleasantly reminiscent of vanilla and golden apple .
Taste: Harmonious , soft, elegant , cool, great length and complexity , with hints of golden apple and fresh crusty bread .
Alcohol: 40 % vol .
Optimal temperature : 15 ° C .
Before tasting grappa must rest in the cup a few minutes ; oxygenating , the scents are enhanced , harmony nose - palate is full .
How to serve it : With particular short -mouthed pot-bellied average of Pyrex glass or crystal .
Matching: For new and refined sensations you can pair it with dark chocolate , cheese , dried fruit , honey, in the kitchen can be added to fruit salads , cakes , ice cream and meat.
Size: 70 cl