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The famous Red Krumiri of Casale Monferrato in the classic tin box of 300 gr. and more.

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The birth of Krumiro Always know that the best inventions happen by chance and their birth is often shrouded in an aura of mystery. We are in Casale Monferrato in 1870: Domenico Rossi used to spend his evenings at the Café de la Concorde on Krumiro drinking with friends, drink some time.
One night, leaving the coffee, Rossi suggested to friends to conclude the pleasant evening in his laboratory where he began to prepare sweets for all: it is said that perhaps the Krumiri, delicious biscuits, born like this.

The jealousy aroused by Krumiro Krumiri quickly become the object of desire and imitation. Luigi Faramia, confectioner, and distiller, creates variations of vanilla, while the bakery Soro embellishes them with the emblem of the city of Casale calling them "higher than those of other factories." The Sig.Rossi is forced to appear on the Journals of the time to protect the cookies he invented: "The undersigned notifies its large customers that the true and genuine Krumiri, a specialty of his own invention, are for sale in his shop eslusivamente Casale . Beware of counterfeits and demand on the boxes the name of the undersigned. " Intervene as a peacemaker, the Mayor of Casale, which in 1890 recognized the authenticity and uniqueness of Krumiri Rossi with a special license.

The Krumiro the table of the King's Official date of birth of Krumiro was set in 1878 as you can see from the first advertisements published in newspapers of the time. In that year died Vittorio Emanuele II. And perhaps in homage to that king who wore "handlebar mustache" the Krumiri were bent that way. Dominic Rossi, after participating in the 1884 Universal Exposition with its sweet Turin, received between 1886 and 1891 as Superintendent of the Patent Houses of the Dukes of Aosta, Genoa and the Royal House of Italy, whose badges are still on the boxes of biscuits of Casale.

The tradition continues with the Family Portinaro Today the company is managed by Anna Portinaro, daughter of Romulus and Dorothy Portinaro Commanders who first spread the product throughout the peninsula. More than a hundred years later by the birth of Krumiro the company has maintained its traditional character of the production of this fragrant biscuit quality ingredients and traditions intact in the different phases of the product remain a distinctive ecological well as all those who testify know, appreciate and consume this sweet